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High Voltage

Series Load Resonant Capacitor Charger

Charge high voltage capacitors with thousands of joules per second!

GK-71 High Frequency Vacuum Tube Tesla Coil

Hot, high frequency plasma with a vacuum tube.

Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil

Create spark gap style streamers with solid state components.

High Speed Photography - Air Flash Unit

Capture short lived moments using a standard camera.

4.096MHz Class E SSTC

High frequency class E SSTC, which also plays music!

Audio Modulated SSTC

A Tesla Coil designed specifically for playing music.

120kV CW Tower

A voltage multiplier that can increase an input voltage of 20kV six times.

The art of making HV Transformers

Learn how to make resilient HV transformers from spare ferrites and common scraps!


The PLL SSTC 1 has been given an extreme makeover.

Ignition Coil Driver

Use an ignition coil outside of a car to produce HV.

Resonant MOT Stack

Create 50 cm long arcs with MOTs!

classE streamer 
Palm-top Class E SSTC

A SSTC that fits in the palm of your hand!

18cm spark 
180kV Marx Generator

Quickly generate HV with a minimum of components.

My first SSTC which works well enough to show to anyone.

A scale model actual working Tesla Coil! It's small enough to fit on a desktop and run from a wall wart. Not much for spark display though.

This page contains all of the flyback drivers I have tested. From petty 5V drivers to direct mains driven.

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