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Project Sites
Marko's experimental research and hobby site
Ben Krasnow
Jon's Hobbies
Norwegian Creations
Tesla Downunder
Steve Conner's Amazing Tesla Coils
Steve Ward's High Voltage
Eastern Voltage Research Corporation
Richie's Tesla Coil Webpage
Mike's Electric Stuff
Jochen's High Voltage Page
Goodchild Engineering
Extreme Electronics
Rapp Instruments
Craig's Area
Penguin's Lab
Barry's Coilgun Design Site
Skori's Webpage
Electronix and More
Kaizer Power Electronics
Krazer Lasers
Hazzworld labs
Tons of E-books on electronics!

Forums and other sites

4HV Forum
AVR Freaks
Hacked Gadgets
Cyanide and Happiness
Old site:

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Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for any injury, death, hurt ego, or other forms of personal damage which may result from recreating these experiments. Projects are merely presented as a source of inspiration, and should only be conducted by responsible individuals, or under the supervision of responsible individuals. It is your own life, so proceed at your own risk! All projects are for noncommercial use only.

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